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Louise YT Phua has about twenty years experience in corporate and consulting organisations. With extensive experience in multi-national human resources service providers, she is deeply familiar with talent acquisition and talent management in Asia.

Well-versed in talent acquisition in Asia Pacific. Louise strategises executive search plans to reach the best available talent pool, to grow her clients’ businesses and organisations. Her early career was in marketing and the media.

An accomplished Executive Recruiter, Louise has conducted searches for multi-national companies and Asian conglomerates in Asia Pacific – Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, China, Korea. She specialises in the life science industry, as well as consumer businesses.

In recent years, Louise has stints as a Learning Designer. She adopts a holistic and integrated approach to adult learning. She is involved in curriculum and instructional design for learning projects targeted at young adults, mid-career professionals and elderly learners.

Louise holds a MA Lifelong Learning from University College London Institute of Education and a BA Marketing and the Media from Murdoch University, Western Australia. A certified coach in positive psychology, she is a serious practitioner of Iyengar Yoga and Mindfulness. Louise is a Singaporean, and lived in Australia, Malaysia, France and China.


Louise is inspired by the diverse talents she met during the course of work and play. A health and wellness advocate, she is constantly curious about ancient therapies and cutting edge medical technologies. Louise’ guiding philosophy is “Health is a key of success”.