Kah Yan is a passionate and versatile Consultant armed with 13 years of  HR experiences, Project Management and Entrepreneurial skills from the public, private and social service sectors, with diverse industry background spanning from SMEs, Start-ups, Fashion, Logistics, Transportation and Non-profit. In the recent 5 years, her area of focus lies in Business Development, Talent Acquisition, Developing and Implementing tailored programs, and provide strategic HR solutions for companies. Subsequently, she joined AIMS International Singapore’s team in 2019 and is part of theTalent Management Practice since 2020.

With a personal belief to ‘Change Lives, Inspire People and Give back to the Community’ through the people whom she gets connected with. It is a continuous journey to constantly seek, identify and develop talents for organizations, build bridges between management and employees, foster harmony between departments, empower individuals and assist organizations to review and implement HR processes in alignment with Company’s visions.

Kah Yan graduated from the Baruch College, City University of New York (CUNY), with Masters Degree in Industrial-Organizational Psychology and Management of Human Resource and a Bachelors of Arts (Communications and Behavioural Psychology) with Monash University, Australia.


With a personal belief to 'Change Lives, Inspire People and Give back to the Community', Kah Yan is constantly on a move to explore the world and understand the diverse cultures, start conversations with people, identify business opportunities and build meaningful relationships with those around her.

When she is not on the move between countries, she tends to be nestled in a café and watch the world go by while listening in to the conversations around her. Occasionally, she will go on a random exploration of food joints, street alleys, new hiking areas or areas of interest to satisfy her inquisitive self.

An introverted explorer at heart but an extroverted adventurer by profession. She tends to find contentment in the simple things in life and constantly strives to learn new skills or knowledge daily. Sometimes, she finds herself amused by the new discoveries and laughs off any boo boo or hiccups that took place within the day.

Life may be short, but try to make each day count.