Berit Nørregaard is the Research Director and co-owner of AIMS International Denmark (Unique Human Capital A/S) with nearly 16 years of experience in Executive Search and Search & Selection in three different companies. She joined Unique Human Capital in 2011 and has full responsibility and leadership for all the research consultants and coordinators across the three offices in Denmark.

Berit Nørregaard holds a Master of Science in Media & Marketing Management and started her career in media agencies and the newspaper industry before changing to search and recruitment. She is fluent in Danish and English and has a good knowledge of Swedish and German. 

At AIMS International Denmark (Unique Human Capital), Berit Nørregaard is responsible for the internal recruitment of searchers and coordinators, the training and development, and internal resource management of search capacity and competencies on client assignments. In addition, she is also working directly with selected assignments and clients.


Berit Nørregaard was born and raised in Denmark and lives with her husband Thomas, a daughter aged 19 who is attending High School, and a dog. Their other daughter aged 22 moved to attend the university studying business and psychology. 

In her spare time, Berit enjoys the garden, walking with the dog in the beautiful Danish nature of either forests or beaches, and attending spinning classes at the gym. During summertime, she likes to sail with the family in their sailing boat or visit new places for exciting cultural experiences.