Morten Andersen became a partner at AIMS International Denmark (Unique Human Capital) in 2019 and became COO in 2020. He has 20+ years of in-depth experience in the consulting industry, having worked with international companies in Denmark and the Nordic countries. As such, Morten has a large network across multiple business sectors and has completed comprehensive searches in Europe, the US, and Asia for Danish International companies. Morten has strong advisory experience for companies intending to start up in Denmark.

In addition to being fluent in both Danish and in English, Morten also has a good understanding of the Nordic languages.

Morten has, among other things, a diploma and has participated in leadership development programs both at home and abroad.


Morten has been in the recruitment industry for more than 20 years and has worked on international and national assignments, giving him vital insight into the market. Morten helped establish the trade association Search Denmark, in which he was the chairman. Today the association is a network under Dansk Erhverv, with Morten as the spokesperson. Morten is on the board of The British Chamber of Commerce in Denmark and is chairman of the training committee within sales and marketing at Denmark's most prominent business academy Cphbusiness. In addition, he is also on the board of Harbinger Public Relations Agency.

He is married to Betina, who is a social worker. Together they have two daughters – one aged 14, who is in the 8th grade, and one aged 18, who will start studying law at the University of Copenhagen. They enjoy living in the countryside and nature, not least their two dogs.

Morten has a great passion for wine and gourmet experiences and enjoys visiting big cities.