Julia has over 15 years of expertise in HR and Transformational Management. 

She holds a Bachelor’s in Business Administration, a Master of Business Agility, and certification in Systemic Transformation. Additionally, she has pursued diverse disciplines, including Senior Ontological Coaching from ECORE – Rafael Echeverría School, Human Resources Management, CSR, Neurolearning, Postgraduate Studies in Systemic Therapy, Enneagram, Agile Coaching, Lean Change Management, and Culture and Innovation Management from UNC. This varied academic background equips her with a comprehensive skill set to bring unique value through her distinct approach.

She´s a cultural transformation manager.

Teacher and facilitator of organizational learning in SMEs and large companies through individual and team coaching processes, strategic consulting and topics related to internal audiences. 
She engages in co-creation, which represents a way forward to achieve business goals by crafting cultures of empowered people, making transformation tangible, and finding new ways to build an adaptable organization.

Those who have worked with her define her main strengths as follows: she provides support with empathy, generosity, creativity, a systemic approach, and transparency, bringing cutting-edge topics to the table. She applies tools that are 100% playful and reflective, agile, and high-impact, tailored to each specific need, with a focus on collective intelligence. Her approach successfully empowers teams, leaders, and human resources departments to transform their environments, behaviors, and mindset.


I am fueled by the profound connections that enable us to mutually grow and flourish. This guiding principle defines my diverse roles—as a mother, partner, professional, and friend—in life's tapestry.

I presently live in Córdoba, Argentina, amidst its rivers and mountains.

I am deeply passionate about my vocation.

My personal quest revolves around guiding individuals and organizations toward realizing their utmost potential within their current circumstances. I perceive myself as a bridge, an active catalyst for change, paving the way toward a more compassionate society founded on meaningful connections. To achieve this vision, I've immersed myself in a myriad of disciplines, leveraging their collective wisdom to craft innovative solutions and instill value through a distinctly tailored approach.