19 December 2022

There’s never a dull moment. Not when you’re working from 54 countries to meet niche Executive Recruitment and Talent Management needs for the world’s most dynamic companies. That was as true of 2022 as any in our thirty-year history.

Our first hybrid AGM and 30th anniversary

AIMS International gathered for its Annual General Meeting in Madrid, June 14th–19th. It was the first AIMS International hybrid event on this scale, with more than a hundred attendees at the Vincci Soho Hotel were joined virtually by another 30 back at home. Organised expertly by our colleagues in Spain and AIMS HQ, it was always going to be a success. This was, after all, our first chance in well over a year to meet, share best practices, strengthen cross-border cooperation, and deepen market knowledge for the benefit of our clients, as well as candidates. And, since it was also our 30th anniversary as an organisation, we found time to celebrate in style at the exquisite Casino de Madrid!

Fresh leadership for a new era

Also in Madrid, Dimitris Kleftakis (AIMS International Greece) took the leadership baton from Bernardo Entschev (USA) when he was elected AIMS International President. At the same time, Juan Crespín (Argentina) became Global Vice President; the EMEA regional board welcomed new EVP Titti Hammarling (Sweden) as well as Zeinab Noureldin (Egypt), Sarunas Dyburis (Lithuania) and Dan Badiu (Romania); and Sukwon Choi (South Korea) became EVP position on the Asia-Pacific board. For the Americas region, Cecilia Díaz (México)  and Juan Carlos Solano (Costa Rica) were re-elected as EVP and VP. 

These and other members of our board of directors will lead our organisation all the way through to mid-2025. As Dimitris said at the time, “The new board has the competencies and the complementarity necessary to build on our 30 years’ heritage and take us into the future.” In late September, the board convened in Porto, Portugal, to deliberate on strategy and develop a blueprint for growth going forward.

New EVP EMEA Titti Hammarling also staged a well-attended series of talks, business development workshops, and client events at the Grecian Bay Hotel in Cyprus in late October, along with our host Elena Leonidou, AIMS International Cyprus. The insightful thought leadership and workshops we shared will keep the ideas coming for months.

Our ever-growing family

Already the world’s second largest global network of specialists in Executive Search, Board Services and Talent Management, AIMS International continued to expand its global presence and industry expertise in 2022. Unique Human Capital joined our family as AIMS International Denmark; AIMS International East Africa became our point of entry to Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, and Rwanda – and theirs to the world; AIMS International Malaysia set up shop in Kuala Lumpur; and we very proudly welcomed AIMS International Ukraine in Kyiv and AIMS International France

“We are very proud and excited to welcome our new colleagues around the world,” our president said. Also referencing our partnerships in Canada, Cyprus, the Gulf, and Vietnam, he added, “Amidst the last two very difficult years, AIMS International managed to grow and strengthen its presence in all regions – EMEA, Asia-Pacific, and the Americas.”

So, what will 2023 hold for AIMS International, its partners, clients, and candidates? One thing we can predict with certainty is that we’ll continue to build on our expertise and intellectual capital, and that our clients will benefit from ever improving internal processes and collaboration. Whatever else happens, we tackle together!