Juan Carlos founded AIMS Central America & Caribbean and currently holds the position of President. He is a professional in the area of Human Resources, Marketing and Sales, with extensive experience in Business Management with emphasis on the development of new products and their reformulation.

He is an Executive Recruiter since 2008 and in the companies in which he previously worked he managed talent teams.

He has skills in Strategic Planning, Channel Management and Communications. He has solid knowledge in collective communication and campaign development. Great experience in design and administration of market studies, qualitative and quantitative.

Extensive knowledge and experience of the Central American and Caribbean & Latin American.


I am Costa Rican, I live in Alajuela, I am a lover of nature and conservation of the land, animals. I am lucky to live in a country where we practically have all kinds of biodiversity.

I practice tennis and swimming, fond of good football regardless of equipment, just like the NBA games, lover of good movies, I enjoy good movies with good comedy.

I love developing friends and encouraging the development of professionals who require a change of life for their growth.

I have had the blessing of traveling and knowing many cultures across all continents, which has allowed me to have a broad view of human development over time.