A packed five days await, followed by a day trip to Aranjuez, a UNESCO World Heritage site. We can’t wait!

19 May 2022

Only a month away, AIMS International’s annual general meeting (14–19 June) is reason to celebrate. It is, after all, the first chance that we have had as an organisation to meet, share, learn, and deliberate in person since the pandemic started. 

“Video meetings can be incredibly efficient, but you have to strike a balance,” Nicholas Rogier, Managing Partner AIMS International France told us earlier this year. “Face-to-face meetings remain essential; it’s human nature to gather, share, and build together.” 

Who would disagree, especially when you consider how different our world sometimes feels from the one we knew two and a bit years ago? 

Happily, 70 colleagues have so far confirmed their attendance, and we expect more to do so in the coming weeks.

More reason to get together

A point of order, though, ladies and gentlemen. There’s another big cause for celebration! It’s our 30th birthday this year, and what better occasion to raise a glass together than our AGM? In fact, that’s exactly what we will be doing on the evening of Friday, 17 June, at the exquisite Casino de Madrid. (Gentlemen, do remember to wear a jacket and tie.)

Bernardo Entschev, AIMS International’s president, wrote in January that, “We will celebrate our 30-year anniversary with the same powerful sense of purpose [as at our founding in 1992]: provide the best value to our clients and candidates.”

He went on to say a “huge, heartfelt ‘thank you’ to you, our loyal customers!” And he’ll be sure to do it again in Madrid, where we are pleased to see that many customers are joining us on Friday, both for the anniversary dinner and some of the sessions preceding it.

And, of course, there’s work to be done

It’s not all tapas and cava, of course. The agenda at the Vincci Soho Hotel in downtown Madrid includes new partner introductions, regional reports, updates from the global practices, a series of workshops, training, sessions with partners and clients, and partner voting. Marketing will also present the new AIMS International brand guidelines. 

We have no doubt that it will be a highly rewarding and fun five days. See you there soon!