Cathinka has a technical/economic education combined with organizational psychology. She has held various specialist and management roles in the Telecom and IT industries, from large international companies. For the past 16 years, she has worked in HR consultancy with manager selection/Executive Search & strategic recruitment, skills need and organizational development. With her technical/financial background, she […]


Marian has a bachelor’s degree in Business and International Marketing from (BI) Norwegian School of Management and is a certified performance coach. She has 14 years of experience as a leader and as an executive coach in Norway and Spain. Marian’s strength is her ability to find the right talent and to build high-performing teams. […]


Knut Aulund has a degree as Master of Business and Economics (MBE), with specialization in International Management and Petroleum Economics. He has held various leadership roles internationally as well as in Norway. His experience ranges from strategic and financial advisory to leadership of multinational companies (CEO, COO/EVP) and startups, – a transformational leader who contributes […]

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HumanDrive transitioning into AIMS International Norway   When HumanDrive Executive Advisors was founded in 2015 we could look back on long and international carriers from holding several leadership positions in various international companies. We wanted to utilize that experience in order to help companies find and grow their leaders. The ambition has been from day one […]