1 April 2021

Business and team leaders all over the world are expected to add additional leadership skills to their repertoire due to a super fast changing working environment. Emeritus Professor at Harvard Business School, John A Quelch cites collaboration, compassion and excellent communication as three of his seven leadership principles for managing in a time of crisis. It therefore follows that businesses which ensure that their leadership are equipped with the necessary competencies, should have a better chance to survive and even flourish during times of crisis. The first step is to assess your team. In this article, Catherine Librandi, Leadership Coach and Psychologist, explains Our assessment methodology in 8 points.

Once you have identified the necessary skills required and assessed your teams, you will have a much better view on your company strengths and weaknesses. Once you (and they) are aware where the skills gaps are, you may decide to engage a qualified Executive Coach, functional training courses or even an organisational reshuffle could be what is needed. 

Contact your local AIMS Partner to discuss your business challenges today. During times of change and uncertainty, we might not be able to see into the future, however we can ensure a better future today with the right leaders in our organisations.

About the Authors:

Introduction written by Leonie Pentz, Manager Partner AIMS International South Africa 

Original article written by Catherine Librandi, Senior Consultant Talent Management at AIMS International Switzerland