11 January 2024

As we step into 2024, it’s time to reflect on the significant strides and accomplishments of AIMS International during the past year. 2023 was marked by strategic growth, innovative gatherings, and crucial achievements, further cementing our role as a global authority in executive search and talent management.

Annual General Meeting in Panama City: Fostering Collaboration and Strategic Insight

The highlight of our 2023 calendar was the Annual General Meeting, held from 7-10 June in Panama City. This pivotal event brought together partners from over 20 countries, focusing on collaboration, professional development, and strategic networking. The Americas Meeting also took place in the scenic Panama City right before the AGM. Interactive workshops and sessions concentrated on the latest industry trends, driving unity and mutual growth across our expansive network. 

APAC Meeting in Vietnam: A Symposium of Strategy and Cultural Insight

In Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, our APAC meeting was a showcase of strategic discussions and cultural exchanges. Key topics included AIMS’ Global Strategic Framework and enhancing cross-border business opportunities. The meeting exemplified the rich diversity and unity of the AIMS International family.

EMEA Meeting in Bucharest: Championing Operational Excellence and Sustainable Practices

Our EMEA gathering in Bucharest from 30 March to 1 April brought together over 50 top consultants, underscoring our dedication to operational excellence and sustainable practices. The event featured industry leaders and experts discussing client-centered dialogues on ESG and corporate governance.

EMEA Meeting and Client Event in Eindhoven: Steering Through the AI Revolution

In Eindhoven, we delved deep into the AI revolution and transformation management from 16-18 November, The event featured influential speakers and panel discussions, spotlighting the impact of AI on executive search and the challenges of managing supply chains in evolving markets.

Strategic Expansions: Strengthening Our Global Presence

2023 saw the significant expansion of AIMS International with the addition of Cyprus, Austria, Norway, Latvia, and Malta. These strategic inclusions have enriched our capabilities and reinforced our commitment to exceptional global executive search, board services, and talent management services.

Joining AESC: A Mark of Global Excellence

A major milestone in 2023 was our induction into the Association of Executive Search and Leadership Consultants (AESC), representing a commitment to the highest standards of excellence and innovation in our industry.

Forward into 2024: Embracing Future Opportunities

As we reflect on a year of significant achievements and strategic growth, our focus remains steadfast on innovation, collaboration, and adaptability. The integration of new regions, the success of our meetings, and our AESC membership pave the way for an even more dynamic 2024.