6 July 2023

AIMS International’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) in Panama City was a shining example of collaboration, knowledge-sharing, and strategic innovation. From June 7 to 10, 2023, the event brought together partners from more than 20 countries, fostering professional growth, expanding networks, and establishing potential collaborations.

The AGM offered interactive sessions, networking opportunities, and workshops focused on the latest industry trends and techniques. AIMS partners commended the event for fostering unity, driving mutual growth, and providing a valuable platform to learn from industry experts and build global partnerships.

Deepening Relationships Through the AGM

“One of the primary objectives of the AGM was to deepen relationships among our partners by creating a supportive environment that fostered camaraderie and trust,” said Dimitris Kleftakis, Executive President of AIMS International. The meeting was designed to strengthen connections within the AIMS network through interactive sessions and networking opportunities.

Building Excellence Through Learning and Innovation

The AGM served as a catalyst for professional growth and development, with workshops and discussions on the latest industry trends and techniques. “Our AGM stands as the most esteemed gathering in AIMS International, providing a remarkable opportunity for partners to come together and create lasting memories,” Dimitris shared. The event also celebrated remarkable achievements and innovative approaches, fueling success across markets.

Exchanging Best Practices Through Interactive Sessions

Notable speakers, including Santiago Escobar, Founder & CEO at Acros Training, Fabricio Barquero, Senior Manager of Compensation & Benefits at Abbott, and Miguel Sans, Director of Human Resources at Biogénesis Bagó, enriched the AGM with their insights and success stories. Cristina Favero, Head of the Consumer Global Practice, led an engaging session exploring challenges in the executive search industry.

Embracing Togetherness and Mutual Growth

AIMS partners and consultants who attended lauded the AGM for fostering a sense of unity and mutual growth. Juan Carlos Solano, VP Americas and hosting partner, highlighted the importance of organising a meeting “where all the participants feel at home and can at the same time actively participate in the AGM, and get to know a country with an extraordinary new culture through personal and business experiences.”

Expanding Networks and Opportunities

The AGM was a thriving hub for knowledge exchange, with partners actively sharing their expertise and innovative approaches. “These interactions open doors to joint ventures and the exchange of knowledge, ultimately broadening the business horizons of our esteemed partners,” said Dimitris. 

One of the most rewarding aspects for Juan Carlos Solano was the level of coexistence and contribution of the partners to the AGM. “At the same time, our partners were able to see the business engine that exists in Panama for all global industries and where they lead their organisations from Latam’s main logistics and financial hub,” he added.

A Commitment to Growth, Collaboration, and Adaptability

As AIMS International continues to expand, the AGM remains a cornerstone for partners to exchange ideas and forge connections. “In essence, the AGM not only fosters relationships and expands networks but also serves as a springboard for continuous growth and development within the AIMS International community,” Dimitris concluded.

Dimitris extended heartfelt gratitude to all participants and contributors, particularly Juan Carlos Solano and his team, for making the AGM a memorable event.

Learn more about AIMS International’s commitment to driving growth, collaboration, and adaptability: https://www.aimsinternational.com/