23 November 2023

In the innovative spirit of Eindhoven, AIMS International successfully hosted its EMEA Meeting 2023 from 16-19 November. Eindhoven’s dynamic cityscape provided an inspiring backdrop for partners from Europe, the Middle East, and Africa to explore the theme “Unlocking Our Potential in EMEA.”

The meeting set a new benchmark for fostering international collaboration and strategic growth in the executive search and talent management industry. This gathering of industry leaders charted a course for future success by sharing insights on international business development and embracing transformative technologies in a post-pandemic era.

A Welcome with Warmth and Vision

The event began with hosts Hendrik Jan Guitink and Olivier Legrand, Managing Partners from the Netherlands and Belgium, sharing a message of unity and ambition. Dimitris Kleftakis, AIMS International President, along with Titti Hammarling, EVP for EMEA and the event’s moderator, extended a vibrant welcome and called for action. The agenda focused on an in-depth examination of international business development and strategies for thriving in a rapidly evolving global market.

Forging Strategies and Sharing Best Practices

The GP Heads Strategy Meeting was a pivotal event where global leaders shared future plans and exchanged best practices. New partners and consultants received detailed inductions to align with the organization’s standards and ethos.

The conference featured presentations and discussions on strategies, objectives, and a two-part Business Development model specific to the EMEA region. This model covered the current landscape, strategic directions, and growth opportunities.

The EMEA Client Event

Aligned with Eindhoven’s Glow festival, AIMS International’s EMEA Client Event marked its first post-pandemic gathering. The event fostered innovation and industry insights. Keynote speaker Tero Ojanperä discussed harnessing technology during disruptive times, focusing on AI and value generation. Hung Lee provided practical insights on integrating AI into executive search.

The transformation management panel, including Steven Zimmer, Binne Visser, and Martin Hendricks, offered actionable strategies for organisational change. Raffael Reinhold, Nikolaus Rama, and Lex Boon discussed securing supply chains amid rapid changes, providing crucial strategies for business operations.

This year’s EMEA Client Event set a new standard for conversations and networking essential for leadership in transformative times. Our speakers and participants illuminated the path for strategic business development.

Client Perspectives and Business Development Workshops

Clare Mahon from the Association of Executive Search and Leadership Consultants (AESC) shared global client perspectives on emerging competitive advantages. Interactive workshops and discussions further enhanced partner collaboration, reaffirming AIMS International’s leadership in talent and advisory services.

Summarising Success and Looking to the Future

The AIMS International EMEA Meeting 2023 strategically paved the way for future endeavours. Focused on unleashing collective potential, the Eindhoven gathering established a robust foundation for advancing international business development in the coming years.