AIMS International Ireland are pleased to announce we are now including 6 months onboarding Executive Coaching with our Outplacement Career Coaching programme.   AIMS International’s outplacement career coaching programme is completely different to traditional outplacement programmes as we provide highly customised support to each Executive based on their own individual needs to help them conduct a […]

In this second part of the third episode, I continue the discussions around the new hybrid working environment and the ‘always on’ culture with Dr Sukhwant Bal and Lisa Mayo. In this episode we cover how to manage workload and life balance as we transition into the new part home-based/part office-based working model and navigate […]

I am delighted to release our third podcast episode (part 1) in this joint podcast series between AIMS International UK and Ireland. In our latest episode, Lisa Mayo and myself spoke with our colleague, and business psychologist, Sukhwant Bal on the importance of a strong and engaging culture. We discuss how culture plays a part […]

In my recent webinar on 12th April 2021, I explored how the Everything DiSC Workplace Personality Model can be used to help understand your own personality as well as your team and colleagues personalities to improve communication and collaboration. We also explored how Covid-19 and remote working has impacted each of these personalities in different ways. […]

AIMS International Ireland are delighted to release the second episode in our new video and podcast series with our UK colleagues: “The Path To High Performance”. In episode 2, Get Ahead Of The Game Lisa Mayo (host) and Ken McIntrye-Barn take a look at how organisations can make the most of the Recruitment and Onboarding […]

AIMS International Ireland and AIMS International UK are delighted to announce a new podcast series “The Path To High Performance” in which we place the spotlight on every company’s greatest asset – its people. In this first episode “Drive comes from Within: Ways to Improve Individual Engagement and Performance At Work”, our colleagues in AIMS […]

AIMS International Ireland and AIMS International UK are hosting a webinar with Kingsley Aikins CBE, a global expert on “Networking” on 23rd February at 2pm (GMT, London, Dublin time). Kingsley Aikins is the Founder and CEO of The Networking Institute and is a global expert on the topic of networking. Since last year Kingsley has […]

For more information please contact Ken McIntyre-Barn on +353 86 807 4211 or email: [email protected]  The Covid 19 pandemic has made searching for good talent more difficult. Those in secure employment are becoming more risk averse and less likely to leave their current roles for fear of a potential economic downturn. As a result the […]

For more information on our unique comprehensive Outplacement Career Coaching Programme please contact Ken McIntyre-Barn on +353 86 807 4211 or email [email protected] As organisations consider restructuring to deal with the financial impact of Covid 19, it is important that they consider incorporating effective Career Coaching /Outplacement programmes for any employees who are made […]

For more information please contact Ken McIntyre-Barn on +353 86 807 4211 or email [email protected] According to Harvard Business Review 50 – 60% of executives fail within the first 18 months of being hired or promoted and the estimated cost of exiting a new executive is around three times their first year’s salary,  – […]