14 March 2024

The Asia Pacific region, also known as APAC, encompasses East Asia, South Asia, and Oceania. With over 60% of the world’s population residing in this region, it accounts for more than 50% of the global workforce. According to the World Bank, this percentage has been steadily increasing over the past two decades.

This year, we are excited to host our 2024 APAC Meeting in Tokyo, Japan from April 10th to 12th. Colleagues from across the region will come together, both in person and digitally, to discuss cross-border business development initiatives. The focus will be on how partners can support each other and clients both locally and internationally. Key areas of discussion will be Executive Search, Leadership Development, and Board Services.

Navigating the APAC Landscape: Tailored Solutions for Diverse Markets

AIMS International strives to think beyond traditional boundaries and national borders. We relentlessly develop multi-country integrated projects, utilising common processes and tools to ensure high and consistent quality. We build client-specific teams for each assignment, tailoring our organisational model to meet their unique needs.

Therefore, when it comes to hiring procedures in the APAC environment, there is no room for guesswork. Desires and motivations can vary greatly, not only between Western customs and Asian traditions but also from one Asian market to another. A “one-size-fits-all” approach simply won’t work. Phasing a rollout should always be combined with an Executive Search process that is tailored to fit local market expectations.

Another highlight will be a focus on our Global Brand Revamp and its rollout. 

Beyond Business: Immersing in the Vibrancy of Tokyo

We look forward to experiencing the rich culture of Japan and learning more about its demographics and key growth sectors from our gracious hosts. In keeping with the AIMS Way, we will also make time for networking and exploring the vibrant city of Tokyo.

AIMS International APAC Region comprises:

Contact us to explore how our APAC Partner can craft a bespoke solution to meet your specific needs in Executive Search, Leadership Development, or Board Services.