23 April, 2024

The Asia-Pacific (APAC) Partners of AIMS International convened in Tokyo for a three-day conference that highlighted the region’s unique strengths and its shared vision for the future. The gathering showcased the strong connections within the APAC community and their strategic alignment with AIMS International’s global objectives.

Diving Deep into Strategy and Growth

The main agenda focused on branding, business development, and collaborating across borders within APAC. Sessions addressed crucial topics such as:

  • Unlocking Potential in APAC: A pivotal discussion led by Dimitris Kleftakis, Executive President, and Sukwon Choi, Executive Vice President APAC, explored tailored approaches to harness the region’s unique business environments.
  • Challenges and Opportunities in APAC: A dynamic discussion moderated by Jonathan Khoo, Managing Partner AIMS International Singapore, illuminated the common obstacles and opportunities faced by different countries within the region.
  • Building a Cohesive Brand: A session led by Cecilia Diaz, Executive VP Americas, emphasised the importance of a unified brand strategy that resonates across diverse markets.

Consolidating Gains and Planning for the Future

The final day focused on implementing the ideas discussed and planning for the future. A workshop provided a practical platform, while a session led by Dimitris Kleftakis facilitated concrete opportunities for cross-border collaboration among APAC partners. The meeting concluded with a forward-looking action plan for regional development.

Looking Ahead

The APAC meeting in Tokyo has set a strong foundation for future gatherings, with a focus on unity, strategic growth, and mutual support. The bonds formed and lessons learned in Tokyo will guide AIMS International’s endeavours across this dynamic and pivotal region.

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