20 January 2022

This year, AIMS International celebrates its 30th birthday. Discussions around founding a new executive search network began in the second part of 1992. In the following year, our founders formulated a new approach to meeting organizations’ multi-country executive search and human capital needs, while treating candidates themselves with greater care and attention. We will celebrate our 30-year anniversary with the same powerful sense of purpose: provide the best value to our clients and candidates. Congratulations to everyone, past and present, who contributed to our company’s success – and a huge, heartfelt “thank you” to you, our loyal customers!

Reflecting on 2021

The pandemic is by no means over, but I experienced 2021 as a year of recovery. Like any other organization, AIMS faced some unforeseen challenges, but we also achieved several significant milestones in all the twists and turns we had to take along the way. I would like to highlight some of these, even as we turn our attention to the new year and the opportunities it will bring to learn, grow, and prosper. 

Our presence grew on two continents

We brought new partners on board in the Asia-Pacific region, raising our flag in Malaysia and Vietnam. We also have a new partner in Africa. Our colleagues in Kenya will cover the East Africa region, adding another compass point to those represented by our teams in South Africa, Nigeria, Egypt, and Morocco.

Our annual general meeting was as engaging as ever

The highly productive annual general meeting in October may not have been a face-to-face get-together, but we had massive participation, and everyone enjoyed our guest speakers’ insights into the latest trends impacting the work we do for our clients worldwide.

Our new EVP EMEA

Another highlight for me was the election of Dimitris Kleftakis to Executive Vice President EMEA. His contribution to AIMS has been significant, and he is highly deserving of the additional responsibility.

Looking ahead

This will be an outstanding year – of that I am certain! AIMS International will maintain its steady territorial growth and expansion of its portfolio of services. Cognizant of large-scale trends affecting our industry and clients, we will evolve as we always have to meet the challenges of tomorrow. We want to ensure that our business develops in line with a renewed vision of the future, characterized by the following:


It is no longer possible to ignore the need for greater environmental, social, and economic sustainability. We must all look at ways to reduce consumption of natural resources and protect vulnerable communities from the consequences of mismanaged growth. Leonie Pentz, VP Sustainability, captures some of the issues here.

Purpose-driven business 

Consumers and employees are looking to establish more meaningful connections with businesses and brands. Having a strong sense of purpose is important, aspiring to make a positive difference in the world.

AI and automation 

Machine learning, robotics, and process automation are all maturing at pace; digital transformation is the name of the game. Balancing these technologies with our need for the human touch will be something to master in the coming years.

Remote work 

The remote working trend is not likely to be reversed when the Covid masks come off for good. Many executives currently seem more concerned with workplace flexibility and lifestyle considerations than they are about remuneration, which adds an interesting element to the recruitment challenge.

Flatter, more agile structures 

Enterprises were once rigidly structured, hierarchical, and siloed. That’s been changing for years, especially in pursuit of efficiency and cost savings. In the rapidly changing world we live in now, the added impetus is the need for greater organizational agility. Our clients are looking to re-engineer their businesses to be more responsive and dynamic, and high-calibre talent are indispensable to meeting the challenge

About the Author:

Written by Bernardo Entschev, President AIMS International, Managing Partner AIMS International US.

Bernardo originally comes from the Life Sciences Industry. He graduated as a Physician when he was only 21 years’ old and post-graduated in Head & Neck Surgery and Craniofacial Surgery at University of São Paulo (USP). In parallel with his medical career he also did drug R&D for big pharmaceutical industries, trained sales reps, acted as the ambassador of new products and technologies for multinational medical devices’ companies and supported healthcare procurement and auditing. He is a frequent collaborator of the Consumer Practice Group.