Bernardo originally comes from the Life Sciences Industry. He graduated as a Physician when he was only 21 years’ old and post-graduated in Head & Neck Surgery and Craniofacial Surgery at University of São Paulo (USP). He followed the medical career successfully for more than a decade, starting up his own residency program and managing four emergency services. In parallel with his medical career he also did drug R&D for big pharmaceutical industries,  trained sales reps, acted as the ambassador of new products and technologies for multinational medical devices’ companies and supported healthcare procurement and auditing.

His career in executive search and talent management started in 2009, at AIMS Brazil. He led AIMS Brazil for many years, resulting in an intense growth and geographic expansion. In 2013 he became the LATAM VP for AIMS International and rolled out a  geographical expansion of AIMS in the Latin-American region and in 2014 he had the opportunity to be one of the main pivots of the merge of two Outplacement organizations,  Career Net International and OI Global Partners that resulted in one of the largest Outplacement players in the world: OI Global Partners. Bernardo was a Board Member for OI Global partners from 2014 until 2018.

Bernardo serves as President of AIMS International. Since 2015 he moved to United States as a Managing Partner responsible for the US market.

Besides serving traditional clients in the Life Sciences Industry, he has gradually built up new competences in other markets (industrial, automotive, consumer). Bernardo lead the Life Sciences Global Practice until September 2019 and he is a member of the Industrial practice team.

Bernardo speaks fluent Portuguese, Spanish and English and speaks tolerable German.


Bernardo likes outdoor and indoor activities (fishing, hiking, biking, shooting) and has a true passion for the automotive segment, specially motorcycles. 

I believe in the will of the heart. No matter what you do, do it with passion. I love what I do. I learned that from my father who I had the privilege to learn this business from. Many times during  my career change people said I was crazy. “A Doctor can’t be an international headhunter! This is a risky and crazy career change! You are a successful Doctor, stay where you are! You will fail!” I heard those phrases many times even from people close to me. I never argued back, never confronted the person but I worked hard to prove they were wrong and I succeeded. Never believe when somebody say you can’t do it. The only person that can prevent you to do something is you. 

I use my own experience in this business that I love. In the World today, many companies have the same or similar resources. The only thing that will differentiate your business is to have the right people, working with the same passion and belief.”