04 February 2022

Who or what is AIMS East Africa?

AIMS East Africa is a human resources consulting firm operating out of Nairobi, Kenya. And we are proud to say it is among our newest global partners. 


The team in Nairobi is driven by a powerful belief that talent alone is not enough to guarantee the best possible outcomes. Arnold Ochieng, AIMS East Africa managing partner, told us: “At AIMS East Africa, we believe that everybody has innate strengths and, in the optimal environment, these can be unlocked to positively impact society.” Finding the right candidate for the right company is what it’s about. 


AIMS East Africa focuses on the following areas: 

  • Executive search and selection
    In-house recruitment teams with diverse expertise assist enterprises in local and cross-border searches and candidate assessment, with company culture front of mind.
  • Outsourcing and employer of record services
    The company helps businesses save time and stay agile through outsourcing or by acting as the employer on record. In the latter case, they hire, contract, and manage workers end-to-end.
  • HR support services and consulting
    The team provides corporations with a range of HR services, including in the areas of organisational design, restructuring, policy formulation, HR auditing and compliance, performance evaluation, and salary and benefits surveys.

Why AIMS is so bullish about East Africa

The crux of AIMS International’s mission is to meet the needs of its clients’ wherever they are or want to be. This requires a solid presence in developing countries, especially where there is strong economic potential. AIMS International president Bernardo Entschev says that is exactly the case with East Africa. 


One of the most populous regions in Africa, its approximately 455 million people live in 18 countries and a couple of overseas departments and dependencies. It’s an economically vibrant region with a high degree of diversification. Kenya, its largest economy, is growing fast. Several other countries in the neighbourhood are experiencing annual increases in GDP that outstrip almost anywhere else on earth. These include Ethiopia, Rwanda, Tanzania, and South Sudan, the world’s newest sovereign state. 


“We believe East Africa will continue to be the fastest growing region on the African continent for some time to come,” commented Bernardo. “That’s why it is so strategically important to have a strong partner in the region.”

Why Workforce Africa choose to partner with AIMS

Workforce Africa is an ambitious, pan-African brand looking to impact businesses across the continent. AIMS, already working with other teams in South, West, and North Africa presented it with the opportunity to venture into other markets. 


Arnold Ochieng, AIMS East Africa Managing Partner, believes the partnership creates significant value for client companies and candidates: “Human resources is any enterprise’s greatest asset, as well as its greatest risk. Having the right talent helps businesses take off and scale sustainably. At AIMS East Africa, we ensure that our clients get the best talent and the right fit too.” 

The new partners look forward to collaborating with like-minded firms in the AIMS family to streamline cross-border executive search at the highest level.