21 October 2021

AIMS International will continue to embrace the new (digital) normal with their second virtual AGM during the week of 25 – 29 October 2021.

“While we are all looking forward to see partners, colleagues and friends in person and exploring new destinations and supporting the local tourism industries, we have to consider our colleagues from all over the globe when planning such an event and be cognizant of flight restrictions, vaccination delays, health risks, etc.” says Leonie Pentz, VP Sustainability. “The Executive Board is aiming at kicking off with a hybrid event in the first quarter next year to ensure that everyone in AIMS may enjoy the benefit of participating either in person or virtually.  We need to carefully weigh up the immense benefits of spending quality time together over a few days a year and the risks associated with travel and reaching our sustainability goals in future. It is a fine balancing act.”

With a reduced carbon footprint (no car fares or flights need to be made to a single destination) plus cost savings and less time out of the office, many more colleagues can attend the virtual meetings. This creates a far more inclusive environment where both senior and junior colleagues can build relationships across diverse continents and markets while sharing ideas and expertise. Promoting diversity and inclusion is a cornerstone of our global community and a key driver of AIMS’ long-term success. As always, the 2021 AGM is filled to the brim with training, best practice sharing and guest speakers who are experts on trending topics. 

One such notable session which is open to AIMS clients is; Strategic Leadership in Platform & AI Transformation on Thursday at 2pm CET with Tero Ojanperä and Timo Vuori, authors of Platform Strategy: Transform Your Business with AI, Platforms and Human Intelligence

Tero Ojanperä is a global technology business and innovation leader. He is chairman and co-founder of Silo.AI, the largest private AI lab in the Nordics, and Professor of Practise, Intelligent Platforms, Aalto University, Finland. Timo Vuori is a strategy consultant and professor at Aalto University, a Financial Times top 40 business school. His research on the psychological aspects of strategic management has been published in the leading international journals and won several international awards. He has taught and presented his research in leading universities, such as Harvard and INSEAD.

This session is open to all AIMS International clients. If you have not received an invitation yet and are interested in attending, please contact your AIMS Consultant today. The AIMS Executive Board welcomes everyone in the AIMS community to attend the virtual conference next week, promising to utilize digital platforms and global expertise to build future human value.

About the author:

Leonie Pentz

Leonie Pentz, VP Sustainability & Managing Partner AIMS International South Africa

Leonie has 20+ years as a recruitment professional in the Sub Sahara African market and since January 2011 as AIMS International’s Managing Partner based in South Africa. She represents the MEA region on the AIMS International Executive Board since 2016.