Hans joined AIMS International in July 2018. He’s a trusted and seasoned client advisor and helps Dutch, European and global clients identify, assess, appoint and retain top-tier business leaders in ICT & Technology and Industry.

Hans’s work also focuses on sustainability, guiding clients and candidates across sectors as they build growing, profitable businesses with meaningful, long-term impact on society. He provides local and global organizations consultancy within a wide range of services mainly focused on Executive Search and Talent Management Solutions. Hans is based in our office in Eindhoven.

Prior to joining AIMS International, Hans worked for companies like Xerox, KPN, Siemens, Johnson Controls/TYCO and KONE. Hans is a seasoned line manager and has held positions like Salesman, Sales Manager, Sales- and Commercial director Benelux and Business Unit Manager.

Hans graduated in Business Economics and Marketing at the The Hague University of Applied Sciences.

He is married and has 2 sons and 1 daughter. He’s fluent in Dutch and English and has a working knowledge of French and German.


Born and grown up in a town in the south of The Netherlands near the Belgian border, I am a true European citizen from the beginning. After secondary school I started my studies at The Hague University of Applied Sciences and graduated in Business Economics. During my studies, I was chairman of the students’ society. Back then, as young man in The Netherlands, you had to join the military for a certain time, so I served for 14 months abroad in Germany at what they called in English “The Pope’s Hunters”, Limburgse Jagers in Dutch.

Then I decided to start my career as a salesman and grew over the years in positions like sales manager, sales director and business unit manager. All companies I worked for were corporates in ICT, telecommunications, industry and professional services.

I’m proud and happy to mention, that when I was 18 years of age I dated a girlfriend, to whom I’m still married today and we have two sons and one daughter, all in university and almost an empty nest at home, which opens a new phase for my wife and me.

When I’m not enjoying my work as executive search consultant, I like to mountain bike with friends each early Sunday morning, until recently I was a fanatic field hockey player, or stay in our holiday cottage in Zeeland near the Dutch coast, hang out and wine and dine with friends and cherish all moments we spend as family.