Written by: Marina Stepanova, Managing Director AIMS Russia

Marina Stepanova, Managing Director AIMS Russia, has over 20 years of experience in executive search. As a Managing Director, she is involved in executive search projects for the leading international and local companies in the industrial, financial and government sectors.

She also leads projects related to corporate governance, leadership development and succession in private companies.

The gained experience helps Marina to consult to corporate clients on a wide range of issues regarding leadership and organizational transformation, as well as increasing the value of businesses through hiring C-level Executives to their teams.

Marina and her team focus exclusively on search for C- level executives, Board positions and middle management roles. They have over 12 years of experience working with Russian and multinational organizations.

As a full-service agency, our new Russian team recognize and value the qualities needed to excel in high-level positions and collaborate with the clients and present project teams that are tailored to industry specific requirements.

“Marina and her team already share our values and have extensive experience and in-depth market knowledge, which make them a valuable addition to our AIMS family in such a strategically important market. We are looking forward to our future collaboration.”, says Ms. Lenka Písačková, VP Eastern Europe Eurasia and Managing Partner Czech Republic.

Marina and her team look forward to efficient business collaboration with AIMS partners across the world and this cooperation will bring added value to the business operations of all clients.

“Midlandshunt is glad to become a part of the largest executive search organization. Russia is a large country, with more than 142 million consumers, with varied industries and market segments spread across eleven time zones. The major markets of Moscow and St. Petersburg are well served and quite competitive for new market entrants. Practically all companies from the list of – Fortune 500, doing business in Russia.  The positive trend in investment plans continues. As in 2016 and 2017, more than 28% of companies’ plan/budget to make NEW investment in manufacturing, logistics and warehousing in 2018. We are ready to serve AIMS Clients in Russia and CIS and become a trusted partner for AIMS family.” Says Marina Stepanova.

Marina Stepanova, Managing Director AIMS Russia

Lenka Písačková, VP Eastern Europe Eurasia and Managing Partner Czech Republic

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