March 26th, 2014 – Lima, Perú – Armando Cavero, Managing Director of AIMS Perú presents newly appointed CEOs in the leading business magazine “G de Gestion” in Perú.

Armando Cavero started in April 2013 to present his column.

The intention of this column is to interview a newly appointed CEO or high profile “C” position, from the line of sight of an Executive Search Consultant and share with the readers insights of the person, his/her style and among other things, the reasons for him/her to get a new job. The column is called “RECIÉN CAZADO”, which means in English to the point “Freshly Hunted”.

This interview was led with María del Carmen Bernal Fedalto the CEO of G4S

About María del Carmen Bernal Fedalto:

  • Current position: CEO, G4S Peru and Bolivia
  • Previous Position: CEO, Priox (Rent Services at the Romero Group), CEO, DHL Perú
  • Marital status: Married
  • Hobby / Sport: Jogging and fitness
  • Education: University of Lima, industrial engineer. Adolfo Ibáñez University, MBA


María del Carmen Bernal Fedalto: “I will focus on the business and the productivity”

Compared to your previous experience and roots in DHL, the security industry seems very different?

I think there is a great affinity between G4S and DHL. Looking at logistics, time sensitivity, deliverables, safety and quality in each transaction it is very similar to my experience from DHL.

DHL has formed you and you have gained experiences in various positions?

In DHL I first entered a position according to my experience to date. After a relatively short period I was identified as a contributor with high potential in various functions and areas. Finally I became the General Manager.

What is the first thing that will test your management skills in G4S?

I think one of the most important tasks, by the depth of its impact on
the entire organization, is managing talent. It is a very high priority for me to be able to relate to all members of G4S and not only with the brand, which is very powerful, but with the organization as a whole.

It will not be easy, considering that G4S Peru and Bolivia has about 10,000 people in total?

Well, I never thought it would be easy. But it is a motivating challenge, with this great number of people who contribute and develop personally and professionally in the business, and based on our geographic spread.

Which of the challenges you face, and will face, will be most familiar to you?

To empower the organization. Delegate, assign responsibilities, manage based on KPI and on the other hand to stop overprotection and micromanagement.

What about the biggest challenge, or the less familiar one?

One of the biggest will be to renew the commercial approach, productivity and revalue the area of customer service.

What do you expect from your employees in order to succeed with the challenges you have described?

I have found a lot of openness and although is something that one expects, the degree I found here at G4S has been overwhelming and much higher than any expectation. We will require the appropriate responsiveness and flexibility.

Changes are embedded in a deep introduction and series of processes. What do you not wish to find?

Lack of transparency and lies. I hope not to find that we have not learned by our mistakes, that they are repeated or hidden.

What management style would reviewers find in you?

You will find in me a facilitator. Not assuming that anything lies outside of responsibilities, because I think that each person must be able to decide on their level and thereby assume the corresponding responsibilities.