When employees see the impact of their work, there is a marked improvement in both production and quality. This leads  to a positive, achievement-orientated culture within a successful organisation.

Soft skills training and coaching is undoubtedly important, but before investing in this exercise it is imperative to establish an organisational framework within which to map, measure and reward behaviour. Our experienced consultants can help you to develop the right policies and procedures for your particular environment. We do not promote complex, impossible-to-understand ‘academic’ HR practices; instead we create simple, user-friendly systems and tools for your managers to harness in running your business more effectively.

We begin with your company goals and, working together with your key management, we set out to develop a strategy to achieve your objectives. Should you have an existing policy we can translate it into a road map towards fulfilling your purpose.

We then help you to build a robust framework by developing an organisational structure, while mapping duties and responsibilities and designing workflow. In short, we will identify your company’s underlying DNA. The key to your organisation’s success lies in identifying the core competencies your staff will need to exhibit in their areas of responsibility within your specific environment.

The next step is to conduct assessments and competency interviews to understand your current workforce’s strengths and development areas, as evaluated against the needed profiles. We will help you to reorganise existing skills where necessary and hire or train to fill the gaps.

Developing easy-to-understand performance-based job profiles, along with regular robust performance reviews, we introduce a rewards system suitable for a contemporary workforce. A modern rewards and benefits strategy should extend beyond financial incentives and include aspects such as flexi-time or time off in lieu of achievement.

We build an optimal internal recruitment process based on your competency library and job profiles, and we train your line managers to implement the system.

AIMS will assemble the framework for you and assist in putting the necessary policies and procedures in place.  Where needed, our consultants can train line managers in recruitment skills, mentoring skills and performance procedures.

While some AIMS offices offer all services in-house, our combined library of HR processes and procedures includes:

  • Strategy development
  • Organisational structures
  • Job mapping and specifications
  • Competency library
  • Performance systems (development, training and outsourcing)
  • Recruitment process training (and outsourcing)
  • Reward systems