Key Takeaways from Nelson Carneiro

9 April, 2024


Global supply chains are in turmoil. From the COVID-19 pandemic to political tensions and environmental disasters, disruptions have been relentless over the past few years. These challenges have forced professionals in the field to constantly learn and adapt.


Nelson Carneiro, Head of Group Supply Chain Finance/Controlling at Electrolux AB, was a recent guest speaker for AIMS International’s Global Consumer Practice, where he shed light on navigating the evolving challenges of the supply chain landscape and the skills needed to succeed.

A Perfect Storm of Challenges
Carneiro started by outlining the recent blows to global supply chains. He mentioned the pandemic, chip shortages, the Suez Canal blockage, Brazilian landslides, the war in Ukraine, and Red Sea attacks. These events exposed the vulnerability of supply chains to sudden demand shifts, logistical nightmares, and geopolitical instability.
On top of that, consumers are increasingly shopping online, demanding sustainable and energy-efficient products, and wanting fair prices and choices. All this adds another layer of complexity. Carneiro stressed that these challenges are unpredictable, hit fast, and have lasting effects. Traditional supply chain strategies simply won’t cut it anymore.
The Skills You Need to Survive (and Thrive)
So, what skills do you need to navigate this turbulent environment? Carneiro identified several key competencies:
  • Be a chameleon: Adapt quickly to new situations. Reshape logistics, find new suppliers, and explore alternative routes when needed.
  • Become a fortune teller (almost): Anticipate disruptions, assess potential impacts, and have strategies to minimize risks.
  • Think like a chess grandmaster: Develop backup plans and diversify your sources to build resilience against future shocks.
  • Communication is key: Collaborate effectively with stakeholders and partners to overcome crises together.
  • Become a problem-solver extraordinaire: Analyse issues critically, come up with creative solutions, and make informed decisions under pressure.
  • Develop inner strength: See crises as opportunities to learn and grow. Build the stamina to weather any storm.
During the session, Carneiro emphasised empowering supply chain professionals to make quick, data-driven decisions. He also suggested keeping higher inventory levels and using multiple suppliers, even if it hurts profits slightly. These strategies can help ensure a smoother flow of goods.
The Takeaway: Embrace Change and Lead the Way
Nelson Carneiro’s insights offer a valuable roadmap for navigating the complexities of modern supply chain management. As companies adjust to the “new normal” of constant disruptions, the skills outlined above will be essential for staying operational and gaining a competitive edge.
The future of supply chain management belongs to those who can adapt, plan strategically, and be resilient. Supply chain professionals must embrace change, develop foresight, and act decisively in this uncharted territory. 
A Final Note from AIMS International
AIMS International is dedicated to identifying and developing the leadership qualities needed in today’s complex global environment. As we reflect on Nelson Carneiro’s valuable lessons, it’s clear: the future of supply chain management depends on our ability to adapt, anticipate, and take decisive action in uncharted territory.
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