25 July 2023

Malaysia, a hidden treasure in the heart of Southeast Asia, often gets overshadowed by its more famous ASEAN neighbours. With a unique mix of abundant natural resources and an interesting political landscape, Malaysia is full of untapped potential.

Venturing into Malaysia: Discovering Opportunities

Malaysia’s strong economy, developed infrastructure, and thriving multinational business scene make it an attractive option for foreign investors. Its advanced services and manufacturing industries, along with widespread English proficiency, create an ideal environment for business growth.

Malaysia’s Growing Economic Strength

As an upper-middle-income country, Malaysia has a GNI per capita of US$10,376, placing it alongside nations like Mexico, Turkey, and Brazil. Malaysia’s rise to 32nd place in the IMD World Competitiveness Ranking 2022 demonstrates its remarkable progress since gaining independence.

Infrastructure & Business: A Global Blend

Malaysia’s top-notch infrastructure sets it apart. As a former British colony, the country has a strong legal system based on British law, which provides stability and predictability for businesses. Moreover, English is widely spoken, making communication and operations smooth.

The Malaysian economy, driven by services and manufacturing, resembles that of advanced countries. Over 5,000 foreign companies from more than 50 countries, including major Japanese and South Korean corporations, have set up their manufacturing operations in Malaysia. By December 2021, foreign direct investment (FDI) stock reached a remarkable US$189 billion.

Attractive Investment Environment

Outperforming the emerging markets and developing economies (EMDE) benchmark, Malaysia is a leader in foreign investment in Southeast Asia. Its strategic location serves as a gateway to the wider APAC region, and its diverse, multilingual population offers a wide range of talent.

Pro-business policies and incentives make Malaysia even more appealing to foreign investors, creating a hub for entrepreneurial opportunities.

English Proficiency: Connecting Cultures

The widespread use of English in Malaysia is a significant advantage for international businesses. It not only simplifies communication but also helps bridge cultural differences, promoting collaboration between local and global teams. As a result, Malaysia becomes an ideal choice for businesses looking to expand in the APAC region without facing language or cultural barriers.

Embrace the Malaysian Opportunity

Malaysia’s modest reputation hides its true business potential. As a hidden treasure, it provides numerous opportunities in the APAC region for smart investors. Now is the perfect time to discover and make the most of the many prospects this business-friendly nation has to offer.

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About the Author:

Chanchal Lahiri

Chanchal Lahiri, Managing Partner AIMS International Malaysia

Prior to joining AIMS International, Chanchal was a senior banking executive and corporate advisor, with more than 30 years of experience across the EU, Malaysia, Russia, Central & Eastern Europe, Hong Kong and India. 

Leveraging insights gained across various industries and geographies, he provides organisations a range of services, with a focus on Executive Search and Talent Management solutions.