7 July 2022

Technology is just a tool, they say, which is all the more reason to choose your tech leaders well. AIMS International understands that – and the competitive environment for top talent in the sector.

Media and Technology is one of nine Global Practices at AIMS International. All of them share extensive knowledge and the latest information to better serve the very specific executive search and talent management needs of the individual industries they serve.

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The practice I lead covers the world of tech, which has never been more vital to building a prosperous and sustainable future. My colleagues and I understand technology’s potential to solve problems great and small – for society as a whole, for businesses, and for individuals. We also know just how constrained the market is for technical skills and experience in areas like electronics, computing, software engineering, and telecommunications. 


Our particular expertise lies in finding key people to think big, drive change, and deliver the goods within these vital sectors and the multinationals that rely on them. The dedicated specialist team of senior consultants combines deep knowledge of industry challenges and opportunities with the connections and know-how necessary to excel in executive recruitment and leadership development at a global scale. All work seamlessly to identify, assess, and acquire the best tech leaders anywhere.


By way of an introduction to the work we do, I invite you to watch a newly released 90-second video addressing the media and technology sectors and all the sub-sectors it comprises. I hope you enjoy it.

Find out more about AIMS International’s Media & Technology global practice. Take advantage of the expertise offered by its industry experts by contacting any of our teams worldwide.

About the Author:

Shinichi Nakamoto

Global Media & Technology Practice Leader
Senior Consultant AIMS International Japan
Shinichi Nakamoto

Shinichi Nakamoto is a senior consultant at AIMS International Japan and leads its Media & Technology global practice. He was at Nomura Securities for 34 years prior to joining AIMS. Mainly active in investment banking and working on mergers and acquisitions and fundraising for listed companies, he was regularly in close contact with members of clients’ C-suites and other senior managers. In the process, he gained a good understanding of their career aspirations, which has proved very beneficial for AIMS International’s multinational corporate clients and a host of skilled executives.