AIMS International APAC Regional Meeting  held in New Delhi, India, 26-28th February 2015.

The meeting at the Leela Palace was attended by the regional AIMS International representatives as well as Daniel Ekberg, President of AIMS International. Further steps in strengthening the foundations of the partnership, through sharing and discussing key topics and regional trends, were taken. The majority of the meeting focused on the Strategy Vision 2017 and its implementation in the APAC region, setting the clients’ needs further into the focus.


AIMS International India has offices in Delhi, Gurgaon, Mumbai and Chennai and is planning to expand its operations with new offices in Pune and and Bangalore in 2016.

– For us India is a very important market. China´s growth has reached a peak, but India still has more growth oppotunities and is an important market for many multi national companies, says Kevin Wallis, Executive Vice President APAC.

As a part of the meeting a Client Event and Panel Discussion on the theme ”Diversity in the War for Talent” took place. It was attended by 47 clients who had the opportunity to ask questions and add to the discussions.


– In India a glass ceiling exists. But corporates have started thinking towards diversity in recruitment to break this barrier. Policies are being made keeping women in mind. The best example is the India banking sector, where a lot of women are heading the top banking organisations. Also family run organsations are no longer discriminating between the son and the daughter and the ”top seat” is going to the more deserving heir, says Adarsh Matta, Managing Partner AIMS International India.

As a global organisation AIMS International has noted that the India hiring trends and practices differ somewhat from the global model.

– Here the college or institute of education plays a very important role in getting the desired job, unlike other countries where the individuals calibre is judged. The salary package is usually determined based on the candidate´s current package and his education, followed by her/his expertise, continues Adarsh Matta, Managing Partner AIMS International India.

– Globally we are seeing an increase in women representation in the Board of companies. UK has seen the maximum increase of approx 10% over the last 3 years, followed by Canada and then the US which is 3%. It is heartening to note that this trend is catching on also in India, says Daniel Ekberg, President of AIMS International.

Over the last few decades multi national companies have realized major labor cost advantages by hiring staff in India. But they increasingly look to India as a potential hub for large-scale research and development operations, moving India up the value chain, along with pushing pay and and the competition for technology sector talent to new levels. Desired industries these days are the multi national corporates and new technology industries like IT, Telecom, E-commerce compared to traditional PSU, Government and Manufacturing.

– At the senior levels we see that salaries are converging with the parent companies in the West. A number of Indians are given senior global roles and their compensations are being made equal to their Western counterparts, says Adarsh Matta, Managing Partner AIMS International India.

– According to estimates there will be over a million new jobs and salary increases of up to 40% in the new finacial year. India is on the threshold of becoming a super-power and with a stable and progressive government, the right investments and trust the coming years should see India booming, concludesAdarsh Matta, Managing Partner AIMS International India.

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