The first days and weeks are crucial for success in a new role. A better apprehension of the environment and optimal integration in the team are key. Most companies nowadays have specific processes in place to welcome new colleagues and facilitate their understanding of the organisation and processes. But how adequate are these programs for senior leadership roles or special functions and how much attention is given to the ”soft” side of the on-boarding process, the behavioural leadership skills? Using an executive leadership coach as your sparring partner during these first days can make the difference. Finally, a good start is also the key to long-term retention of successful managers.

Within AIMS International, we tailor-make on-boarding programmes based on the company and key person in question.  This is complemented with input regarding current success variables during the introduction of new key employees.

AIMS Executive Coaches are senior consultants, often with significant line management experience in their professional past. In the course of their career, they have been in contact with a great many different organisational structures and cultures, management styles and business situations. They have what it takes to be the thinking partner for a new leader tackling a difficult challenge and are able to walk the tightrope between the professional and personal coaching which are equally necessary for successful on-boarding support.

The extent, duration and format of our on-boarding programmes can be adapted to individual needs and possibilities.