The Asia Pacific (commonly referred as APAC) region is unique and diversified because it is vast. APAC is the part of the world in or near the Western Pacific Ocean and typically includes much of East Asia, South Asia, Southeast Asia, and Oceania;

  • South-East Asia
  • Korea
  • Greater China
  • India            
  • Australia and New Zealand
  • Japan

The APAC is a highly diverse region in terms of geography, population distribution, economic development, cultural, political and history.

APAC is not one market, it is a region made up of many cultures, languages and nationalities, with 23+ countries and 14 languages, there are more cultural and economic differences than one would realize. There is no common “Asian” culture or approach to business. Asia Pacific cultures is deep and diverse, There is amazing religious diversity across the region. Things work differently in Asia!

Per capita income is rising and with that consumerism … markets are vibrant, dynamic. The APAC region is the world’s fastest growing market.

It is also home to two impossible-to-ignore markets — India and China.

Global talent leaders today are increasingly turning their attention to the Asia-Pacific region as a critical component – and core market – of human capital strategies.

While many pundits and practitioners have weighed in on what, exactly, the future of work looks like, one thing is certain: much of that work is shifting from West to East.

And when it comes to Hiring in APAC, the bottom line is we can’t make assumptions … things work differently in APAC! Between Western cultures and Asian and from one Asian market to another, we cannot make assumptions that things operate the same way, or that the desires and motivations are the same.

Phasing a rollout should always be combined with tailoring the Executive Search processes to fit local market expectations, particularly when it comes to the sourcing/engagement and to the selection of candidates.

This combination of demographic and economic drivers means APAC will have a greater demand for recruitment, resourcing and talent management than ever before; the growing presence of established multinationals, coupled with the dramatic spike in emerging businesses and the regional startup ecosystem, means that the competition for top talent in APAC, already cutthroat, will only intensify in the coming years.

As rapidly growing markets and far from economical saturation, APAC region has greater synergy for job creation and talent requirements. Organisations like World Bank and UNDP are investing heavily into infrastructure and capacity building to support the inclining growth in APAC region.

Over 3 in 5 people worldwide currently live in the APAC region, representing well over 50% of the total global workforce, a share that’s been steadily climbing for nearly two decades, according to the World Bank.

AIMS really think beyond traditional and Country borders. We develop multi-country integrated projects, using common processes and tools for high and consistent quality. We build teams specifically for each client and assignment and matches the structure of our clients accordingly. 


Jonathan Khoo

Executive VP Asia Pacific