3 April, 2024 Healthcare across Asia is undergoing a dramatic transformation, driven by a powerful force: Artificial Intelligence (AI). AI’s influence isn’t limited to just fancy gadgets – it’s fundamentally changing how we approach medicine. From pinpointing diseases with incredible accuracy to personalising treatment plans, AI is creating a wave of exciting possibilities that are […]

8 August 2023 The recruitment industry plays a critical role in the global economy by connecting employers with the right candidates for various job roles. For decades, recruitment relied on traditional methods like job boards, referrals, and career fairs. However, the emergence of artificial intelligence (AI) has disrupted the industry, creating new opportunities for recruiters […]

Louise YT Phua has about twenty years experience in corporate and consulting organisations. With extensive experience in multi-national human resources service providers, she is deeply familiar with talent acquisition and talent management in Asia. Well-versed in talent acquisition in Asia Pacific. Louise strategises executive search plans to reach the best available talent pool, to grow […]

Chris has over 20 years experience in executive search, working with international, government-linked, private and public companies to fill leadership roles at C, C-1, C-2 levels in corporate, business, engineering, R&D and manufacturing, across multiple industries – technology, industrial, energy, consumer, financial services, infrastructure, logistics and agribusiness.  Previously, MD and Partner for Malaysia with a […]

Director - South East Asia

Kah Yan is a passionate and versatile Consultant armed with 13 years of  HR experiences, Project Management and Entrepreneurial skills from the public, private and social service sectors, with diverse industry background spanning from SMEs, Start-ups, Fashion, Logistics, Transportation and Non-profit. In the recent 5 years, her area of focus lies in Business Development, Talent […]

Senior Consultant

Written by Börje Hammarling, Senior Consultant AIMS International Sweden One of the truly great features of AIMS International is the diversity and professionalism you find when engaging with our partners around the world. In our three regions – Americas, EMEA and APAC – we have appointed Executive Vice Presidents as Regional Heads to ensure a […]

Jonathan is based in Singapore. Prior to joining the executive search industry, Jonathan held several key management appointments with international conglomerates across Asia. With one of the largest semiconductor companies in the world, he successfully managed its multi-billion-dollar South East Asia distribution business; and while with a global passenger transport company, Jonathan concurrently held two […]

Managing Partner AIMS International Singapore
Practice Member - Industrial, Life Sciences, Media & Technology

Written by: Adarsh K. Matta, EVP APAC – AIMS International, Managing Partner AIMS International India AIMS International APAC Partners recently met in Singapore for workshops and strategic discussions to strengthen collaboration in the region from 7 –  9 March 2018. A total of nine participants from seven countries (Singapore, India, China, Korea, Japan, Italy, Denmark) […]

Jonathan Khoo, Managing partner AIMS Singapore is no newcomer to the industry and brings a wealth of experience in Executive Search as well as executive management across the Industrial sectors, notably transport and engineering and IT & Telecommunications and Life Sciences, amongst others. “Jonathan and his team have a comprehensive understanding of clients’ challenges across […]