February 20, 2019

Non-Executive Boards in Denmark – Episode 1 : A local snapshot conveys a global picture

Written by Tau Steffensen, Senior Partner AIMS Denmark

These reports are the preliminary highlight of many years of work and interest in Danish non-executive boards.  We look at the creation, development, renewal and composition, with a special focus on diversity. Many of these facts could be relevant to other European and certainly also non-European countries. We share this work with you in the hope that our learnings in Denmark could add value to how you look at boards in your local market and we look forward to stimulating thought and discussions with our clients all around the globe.

Key findings:

  • There are more than 60’000 licensed Non-Executive Boards in Denmark; this may sound like a lot, however only one fifth of limited liability companies have established voluntary non-executive boards
  • Most Danish Non-Executive Board are very small, with over half comprising only 3 members
  • Over half of Danish non-executive boards have only male members
  • Danish non-executive boards are surprisingly international

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Written by Tau Steffensen, Senior Partner AIMS Denmark

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