Since 2005, as a Silicon Valley-based executive coach with a passion for growth and innovation, Annelène Decaux has worked alongside thousands of CEOs, executives, and managers worldwide, helping them design and develop their career, up-level their leadership, communication and management skills, navigate job and career transitions, manage their time and energy more effectively, enhance their […]


The secret ingredient for employee retention: Workplace civility 25 May 2023 In today’s global talent market, employee retention is a top priority for organizations. Personal development and compensation are primary influencers in retaining employees, as previously highlighted, but workplace civility is equally important. Today, I continue our series on employee retention.  The inspiration behind this […]

Discover the opportunities and challenges ahead. 9 May 2023 With the global Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) market projected to reach a value of USD 308.96 billion by 2028, it is fascinating to delve into the market landscape and understand the enormous potential that the API business has in the US over the next few decades. […]

Daniela has experience in international business development strategy, with a thorough understanding of the Client´s needs to always comprise the best service solutions from a local and global perspective. Since its launch, Daniela has been part of the North Lead team working side by side to bring our services closer to our Canadian Clients. Daniela […]

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And what we can do to improve the status quo 25 November 2021 Leaders of our era are facing unprecedented challenges that continue to amplify at an exceptionally aggressive pace. In modern business records, very few generations of leaders have experienced such a high frequency of challenges, with no lunch breaks in between.  Despite these […]

Stefano is a global HR Trusted Advisor with 30+ years of experience in M&A, HR transformation and change management. He advises Boards and Executive Leadership Teams on succession strategy, recruiting, assessing and retaining global talent. He has a particular experience in global management roles because of a deep understanding of cultural differences due to his […]

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Yasser Seoud is a Canadian multilingual executive who has been a Director and VP for diverse organisations in multiple geographical locations. With a global executive background, he was a decision maker for international organisations where he lived and worked in Johannesburg, Cairo, Madrid, London UK and Toronto. For more than 16 years, he selected, recruited, […]

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Richard Schnaittacher has devoted his career to international business including having lived outside the United States (Middle East and Far East) for over 10 years. Mr. Schnaittacher has experience dealing in a number of manufacturing industries through involvement with a number of technology transfer projects. While holding a senior management role in a healthcare company, […]

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Bernardo originally comes from the Life Sciences Industry. He graduated as a Physician when he was only 21 years’ old and post-graduated in Head & Neck Surgery and Craniofacial Surgery at University of São Paulo (USP). He followed the medical career successfully for more than a decade, starting up his own residency program and managing […]

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Laura originally comes from the Professional Services and Financial Industry where she held several positions including CFO, M&A Consulting Manager and Business Controller in various multinational companies. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting and an MBA from UCEMA University in Buenos Aires.

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