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I’m often asked by companies why they should consider using an executive search firm versus other recruitment models such as employment agencies or internal talent acquisition teams. The service we provide is distinctively different. We search the market extensively for active and non-active candidates. Our research team are extremely persuasive in getting individuals who are happy in their career to engage with us. This is something internal talent acquisitions team sometimes have difficulty with as these individuals do not want to engage directly with the company in the initial stages.

We do a lot of heaving lifting in the background which save our clients a lot of time. In a typical search we would speak to around 100 people, interview 20-30 and shortlist a maximum of 4-5 candidates all who conform to the original brief. We never present a candidate we would not hire ourselves. Everyone we interview is only met for the exclusive purposes of the client and position we are searching for. Unlike recruitment agencies they are not sent to any other company. We then actively participate in the selection process with our clients to help them make informed decisions on the right candidate.

Internal candidates

We also act impartially by including internal candidates in the process who can be benchmarked against the external market. If they are successful the client is assured they have made the best decision. If they are unsuccessful, we provide them with a developmental plan and help manage the communication to them to ensure they stay engaged with the new appointee.

Onboarding and how we achieve a zero candidate failure rate

After the successful candidate joins our client the we provide 6 months onboarding coaching to the successful candidate. This is included in our fees and has helped us achieve a zero candidate failure rate against a market average failure of 50-60% (Harvard Business Review).