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As organisations consider restructuring to deal with the financial impact of Covid 19, it is important that they consider incorporating effective Career Coaching /Outplacement programmes for any employees who are made redundant.

Effective Career Coaching or Outplacement as it is commonly known, is a very important part of company restructuring to ensure that those employees who are made redundant, find employment as soon as possible.

These programmes when run well, can help ensure that displaced employees find employment as soon as possible enabling the company to re-organise efficiently and effectively while also protecting their employer brand. In recent years, outplacement or career coaching has become a commodity and a tick box exercise to appear to support employees leaving a business in finding alternative employment. However, in reality, every individual has different needs in this area and requires different levels of intervention. If employees who leave a business fail to secure employment quickly, they burn through their redundancy packages rapidly and in the longer term this could have negative consequences for employer brand. The ideal outcome for companies is that those employees exiting a business secure a new position quickly and ideally pocket most of their severance package. It’s therefore really important that companies not only look at the cost of outplacement career coaching, but also measure the success and timelines of former employees securing employment.