AIMS International Ireland are pleased to announce we are now including 6 months onboarding Executive Coaching with our Outplacement Career Coaching programme.  

AIMS International’s outplacement career coaching programme is completely different to traditional outplacement programmes as we provide highly customised support to each Executive based on their own individual needs to help them conduct a professional job search campaign. In addition to this we have now added 6 months onboarding Executive Coaching to when the Executive secures their new position to help embed and secure the success of the new relationship. The first six months of any new position are critical. The hiring company will be looking to see evidence of added value from their new recruit and the Executive will need to feel that he/she has made the right career decision. 

Our outplacement career coaching service includes:

  • Skills and competency assessment including Psychometric assessment (SHL and DiSC)
  • Curriculum Vitae and LinkedIn profile preparation
  • Development of a comprehensive Achievements Profile Document
  • Development of a Job Search Marketing Plan
  • Effective networking to uncover job opportunities
  • Engaging effectively with Executive Search Consultants
  • Mock Interviews tailored to specific positions 
  • Job contract and salary negotiation
  • 6 months onboarding Executive Coaching

For more information please contact:

Ken McIntyre-Barn on +353 86 807 4211 or E-mail: [email protected] or visit our website at