AIMS International Ireland and AIMS International UK are delighted to announce a new podcast series “The Path To High Performance” in which we place the spotlight on every company’s greatest asset – its people. In this first episode “Drive comes from Within: Ways to Improve Individual Engagement and Performance At Work”, our colleagues in AIMS International UK; Lisa Mayo and Dr Sukhwant Bal go right to the heart of it all by exploring how we can learn to better understand what motivates and drives us as individuals, and how we can maximise this to improve our engagement and performance at work. 

New episodes will be launched bi-weekly and you may subscribe to the RSS feed to gain access to the latest episode as soon as it is published. 

If you would like more information please on how AIMS International can help your business to “Grow more Leaders” please email [email protected] or phone +353 86 807 4211

Where can I listen?
Listen to the full episode here on our website or via the links to popular podcast hosts below. 

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