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The Covid 19 pandemic has made searching for good talent more difficult. Those in secure employment are becoming more risk averse and less likely to leave their current roles for fear of a potential economic downturn. As a result the ability and expertise of our researchers to identify hidden talent is needed now more than ever. A lot of internal talent acquisition teams have invested heavily in LinkedIn Corporate Accounts, yet what many people forget, is that LinkedIn is only as good as what people put into it. A high performing executive doing very well in their career does not have an up to date LinkedIn profile high on their priority list. In fact an increasing number of outstanding executives either have no LinkedIn profiles or a very limited LinkedIn profile. As a result we need to use other methods to identify talent and persuade them to engage with us for our clients. Being part of AIMS International who are in almost 60 countries around the world can really help us identify and access the Irish Diaspora living abroad for our clients who may consider relocating back to Ireland.