On November 6th, the Spain-Denmark Chamber of Commerce held in Madrid an event called “Talent of the Future”, in which AIMS International Spain participated as a sponsor, and where our Managing Partner Francisco Martin was one of the speakers for the day.

The idea of organising this event was born in one of the Chamber’s meetings with its partners, called Future’s Committee/Work observatory, where AIMS International Spain and the rest of the partners designed the structure of the day and the issues to be discussed.

During the seminar, there were two panel discussions on topics related to the talent of the future: does the digital talent exist? Will talent be necessary in the future or will it be replaced by AI? Is it possible to have technology without talent? These and other related questions were addressed, and different points of view were shared.

Mr Martín pointed out that, from the Executive Search point of view, we are in a privileged position, observing the talent panorama. There was a time when we were dedicated to searching data, however, thanks to AI and computers, today we represent an added value, being able to analyse and interpret the information provided by the machines. He concluded that, in his opinion, AI will never replace humans in our field, but we can grow and go the extra mile if we use technology properly.

More than one hundred people enjoyed the discussions, and they enjoyed a networking breakfast afterwards.