AIMS International has supported Ukrainian organisations’ executive search, talent management, and board services needs for some time through its partnerships in Lithuania, Poland, and Romania. Senior consultants in those countries, the latter two of which are immediate neighbours, continue fulfilling this role with distinction, but we are proud to announce that they will now act in concert with a 100-percent Ukrainian partnership, situated near the centre of Kyiv.

Given the number of new offices AIMS has opened in recent months, you’d be forgiven for thinking that this move has been in the works for a while, with an announcement delayed by the war of aggression ravaging parts of the country. Not so. It’s a direct response to those events.

“In AIMS International’s statement on the Russian invasion of Ukraine, we committed to helping those affected by the war through donations to international crisis relief agencies and our own actions,” explains Leonie Pentz, VP Sustainability. “Our first thought was for the refugees and efforts to assist them find shelter and work, but our internal Sustainability team also discussed how to provide support to our clients and job candidates in the country.”

The team listed these goals in support of Ukraine:

  1. Helping Ukrainian candidates who had to flee their country to find work in the over 50 other countries where AIMS operates
  2. Assisting companies outside Ukraine to provide remote work to Ukrainians
  3. Supporting existing clients with offices in Ukraine to relocate staff to other locations or support them in the present situation

It seemed obvious that a physical presence in Ukraine was necessary: a local partnership. 

The right time and the right fit

All AIMS International partnerships originated in the country they represent, and they have typically operated for many years before joining this global family. In this way, clients benefit from deep regional knowledge and local connections on the one hand and a wide international network and global support systems on the other. 

That’s where Alexei Onischuk and his team come in. Alexei has more than 15 years of experience in international senior executive to middle management recruitment and talent development, with core industry focus areas being pharmaceuticals, financial services, IT, retail, and renewable energy. That was just the right profile for AIMS and, happily, discussions only confirmed how right the fit was.

Leonie says, “Alexei and his team’s intimate understanding of the country – not least, the laws now in place owing to the war – and their long-standing relationships within the Ukrainian business world will be of immense help to all our clients, as well as the talent in the country facing difficult circumstances. We are delighted that they have joined us and for the opportunity to, hopefully, make a small difference by supporting Alexei and his team with the great work they already do.”

An ardent believer in his country’s fight to define its own future, Alexei views partnering with AIMS as an opportunity for European business as much as for Ukrainian candidates themselves. “The talent in Ukraine is exceptional and so is the strength and determination to succeed – more so than ever. We will prevail as Europe’s second-largest country and, with closer integration with the West, I believe there is much to look forward to in all spheres.”

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