By Anastassia Pomazan, Project manager at AIMS International France.


AIMS International France participated in the Executive MBA Alumni roundtable on February 3rd at the Aix-Marseille University Institute of Business Administration (IAE Aix). The event focused on a crucial topic “Governance Approaches and HR Practices” with the aim of developing a better understanding of the roles of the CEO and the HR Director and the importance of their collaboration in modern business management.

Anastassia Pomazan, Project Manager, led the discussion among a group of 7 speakers consisting of several CEOs of SMEs and large companies and HR Directors.

Nicolas Rogier, Managing Partner AIMS France, shared his experience in executive candidate search and the importance of a collaborative recruitment policy in a company where HR and CEO realize they are on the “same boat” and make joint decisions to achieve effective recruitment results that ensure the development of the company.

The importance of CSR has increased through the search for a balance between addressing social and environmental issues and avoiding gaps in managing candidate and market expectations. The success of a recruitment process inevitably depends on a high level of understanding by both parties of the evolution of the environment and the development of social skills to achieve the company’s objectives.

These and other related issues were discussed to better understand the importance of collaboration between the CEO and the HR Director. The event was followed by a cocktail reception at the IAE in Puyricard, Aix-en-Provence.


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