Nicolas is a graduate of the Ecole Spéciale Militaire de Saint-Cyr, IAE Business school (University of Lille) and Kedge Business school. For 12 years, Nicolas managed his own consulting and training structure before joining AIMS International. During this time he carried out numerous coaching missions in industrial, logistics and retail environments in France and abroad. […]

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Anne is an Office Assistant for AIMS International Switzerland. A graduate translator from the University of Geneva, she has been working as a freelancer for more than twenty years and has specialized in scientific and medical translation through her work with various Swiss companies and administrations. In addition, she has held various administrative and commercial […]

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Recently, during an enlightening conversation discussing sustainable business practices with an AIMS Belgium client, Mr Rohit Sathe, he commented that he only employs leaders who are open minded and inclusive, because, they – in turn – will do the same. This way, he ensures that the culture is built top-down. Sounds simple? Indeed, if you are lucky enough to have these […]

A key task for boards of directors is finding the right CEO, someone who can lead the business towards company  goals and create value for the owners. Short CEO tenures are extremely costly and demanding. Unfortunately, CEO tenures have become increasingly shorter, except during the pandemic. The 2018 CEO Success Study published by Strategy&, PwC’s strategy consultancy […]

Written by Catherine Librandi, EMEA Head Talent Management and Senior Consultant AIMS International Switzerland Second part of the article HiPo (High Potential) programs: discover the winning formula In the previous article, we talked about the importance of constant talent optimisation and the winning formula, which is to always have the right person, at the right time […]

Written by Catherine Librandi, EMEA Head Talent Management and Senior Consultant AIMS International Switzerland According to a study published in the Harvard Business Review, more than 40% of participants in High Potential Development programmes may not have been suitable. The reasons for this mismatch were an overemphasis on technical and professional expertise, results (performance) and cultural […]

Interview with Global Business Leader Martin Kunz by Grégoire Depeursinge, Managing Partner AIMS International Switzerland & Global Practice Leader Industrial Virtual interactions have been on the rise and this movement has been accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic. We have talked lately about different aspects of this, for example how to build an online culture or how to mentor junior employees from a distance. […]

Written by Catherine Librandi, Senior Consultant Talent Management at AIMS International Switzerland   A holistic approach of the individual   A comprehensive overview The word assessment comes from the English verb “to assess” which means to evaluate. To be objective, an assessment must be based on: A robust methodology and psychometric tools that have proven their validity and reliability […]