In the competitive landscape of global executive search and talent management, Leonie Pentz O’Connor stands out as a beacon of sustainable leadership. With a dual role as the Managing Partner of AIMS South Africa and the Global Sustainability Lead for AIMS International, she strives for a harmonious blend of corporate acumen and environmental and humanitarian […]

1. Global Elections and Economic Uncertainty 2024 is not just any election year—it’s possibly the most significant one yet. Around 64 countries (plus the EU), representing nearly half the world’s population, are set to hold national elections. The results will have far-reaching consequences. The upcoming general elections in South Africa play out amidst a wave […]

EFFICIENT AND SUSTAINABLE HIRING PRACTICE   Online assessment centres (AC’s) have emerged as a game-changer. These digital platforms are revolutionising talent identification, offering efficiency and benefits for those striving towards ‘greener HR’ targets. I recently conducted an online AC for Industrial Psychology interns in 2024, and the experience was not only highly effective, but the […]

The world we live in is ever evolving. The latest industrial revolution is driven by digital transformation. From information communication technologies, social networks to artificial intelligence and augmented reality innovations. We live in a state of flux. And while many companies across the world are rapidly adopting new digital technologies, employees constantly need to adapt […]

Often, candidates may be overwhelmed when asked to complete psychometric assessments as part of a recruitment or development programme, especially if it is presented in an ‘old fashioned’ school test format. For younger candidates, it can feel repetitive and sometimes even boring. Today, there is a great alternative, namely gamified assessments. Gamified assessments take robust, scientific psychometric tests and present these as a game where you […]

Talent mapping is a proactive approach used to forecast long-term hiring needs and subsequently cultivate organisational support for new roles over time. Putting your organisation’s goals top of mind, it builds a competency map to achieve these goals by assessing the current skills in the business, identifying the gaps and recruit and / or develop […]

Recruiting and onboarding the right culture fit employees for a business is a tough and delicate process. Human staff – unlike elements, machinery, and tools for trade, are not inanimate with universally fitted specifications – have personalities, ideas and varied levels of expertise that must be treated and compensated differently according to different outputs.  It […]