Thoughts over a solitary cup of coffee in Cairo 9 September 2021 “You come home, make some coffee, sit down in your armchair and all around there’s silence. Everyone decides for themselves whether that is loneliness or freedom…Timur Ganiev” Most of us spend a great deal of time of our day at work. Even nowadays, […]

Khaled is an experienced Business Development professional, possessing a long track record in developing new markets, on both local & regional scales as well as hands on expertise in both Direct & Corporate Sales. He is also known for excellent interpersonal and communication skills. Throughout his career, he worked for various multinationals ranging from Financial […]

Business Development Manager
Practice Member - Consumer

22 April 2021 “Mobility/Home office” and “Diversity & Inclusion” are two rather novel topics, yet quite popular in 2020/2021. They are being discussed globally in almost every workplace. Home office is self-explanatory, but what is interesting to see, is how companies adopt strategies to promote diversity and inclusion. What instantly comes to my mind is […]

As the team’s Managing Partner, Zeinab manages the strategy for the development of new and existing business. Zeinab works closely with the team overseeing project milestones and client delivery. As the team’s previous Head of Search & Selection, Zeinab plays a key role in managing the relationships between current and potential clients of AIMS Egypt. […]

VP EMEA - AIMS International
Managing Partner
Practice Member - Board Services

Originally founded in 1997 as Pauline D’Arcy HR & Recruitment Consulting, one of the first executive search firms in Egypt. After a 10 year period of growing renown for developing professional recruitment standards, the company joined AIMS International as Egypt’s local partner in 2007. Under that main umbrella the company has undertaken a multitude of […]

Pauline is a UK/Egyptian mix, having spent the first half of her life in Europe and the second half in Egypt.  Her first experience in Egypt was a long period with one of the Big 4 in internal recruitment and local executive searches.  This eventually led to her starting her own recruitment firm in the […]

Managing Partner
Team Member - Financial & Professional Services