During this pandemic when many people are unemployed, the number of fraudulent jobs have been increasing drastically. Taking advantage of this economic crisis brought on by the pandemic, scammers are targeting vulnerable people who are desperate to look for a job. Spotting fake job offers in a timely manner is extremely important. In this article, […]

Happiness among employees plays an important role in the success of a company. Happy employees are more creative, more efficient and provide better work results, while sad workers tend to quit and destroy a team slowly. Moreover, happiness is infectious and is able to spread and affect the energy of the entire team. When a […]

Enrico is an HR expert with over 30 years of experience in the Human Resources industry. He is also a professor and visiting lecturer of many universities across Italy. He comes from everyday direct touch with what happens in multinational enterprises and supports them with practical solutions. With that thick experience, Enrico came to Vietnam […]

Managing Partner

Giuseppe founded 2Click Solutions in 2015. After initial big hiring misunderstandings, he found the right tools and keys to let the company grow and reach one of the lowest turnover rates in the IT industry in Vietnam. He is also a keynote speaker in Innovation and People Management. With a background in Human Resources and […]

Managing Partner

Trung is a graduate from both Henley Business School and Cass Business School – two of the top business schools in the United Kingdom. He has a thick experience with multiple cultures and working environments around the world, especially human resources management across Europe and Asia. Trung came back to Vietnam with the mission to […]

Senior Consultant

With a double Master’s Degree in Social Work and Service Design, mixing with a spirit of social contribution, Anh focused on understanding people and their needs. During her time abroad, she experienced the diversity of global working forces, encountered many outstanding individuals, and now she is excited to greet the best people of her motherland, […]

Senior Consultant

AIMS International Vietnam was founded in 2018 and became an integral partner of AIMS International in 2021, after a successful track record as a leading local executive search firm. People are a complex subject. To truly understand them, we have to tap into their personality, attitude, culture and their personal story. The job dimension, the […]

Chris has over 20 years experience in executive search, working with international, government-linked, private and public companies to fill leadership roles at C, C-1, C-2 levels in corporate, business, engineering, R&D and manufacturing, across multiple industries – technology, industrial, energy, consumer, financial services, infrastructure, logistics and agribusiness.  Previously, MD and Partner for Malaysia with a […]

Director - South East Asia

Bruna is the Executive Assistant to Managing Partner for AIMS International Australia based in the Sydney office. For the past two years, Bruna has dedicated her career to keep Executives and Business Owners organised, efficient and less stressed. She practises a streamline and intuitive approach. It is built on empathy, efficiency and astute problem solving. […]

Executive Assistant