Yasser Seoud is a Canadian multilingual executive who has been a Director and VP for diverse organisations in multiple geographical locations. With a global executive background, he was a decision maker for international organisations where he lived and worked in Johannesburg, Cairo, Madrid, London UK and Toronto.

For more than 16 years, he selected, recruited, trained and led teams physically and remotely in diverse sectors such as technology, media, travel, investment and sports among others. He has an impressive global C-Level network which facilitates opening doors and managing projects in diverse sectors and geographical markets and has always proven to be a dynamic leader and an advocate of constant innovation processes.


Born in Egypt and having lived my early childhood on the shores of Lake Victoria in Uganda and Kenya, I developed the love and admiration for the River Nile and its diverse scenery ranging between deserts and rainforests. My curiosity about discovering new boundaries took me at the age of 17 to adventurous long hikes in the European Pyrenees 5 consecutive summers.

Upon graduating with a BSC. In Hotel Management, I resumed my postgraduate studies in marketing management, eventually earning the title of Chartered Professional Marketer in Ontario, Canada. During the last 12 years of my career, I found myself in positions where I was entrusted to search, recruit, train, and manage executive teams physically and remotely across the globe. This was when my passion for executive search started.

Geographical boundaries for me were never a limitation, but rather, represented The Next interesting challenge of interaction, diversity, integration, and enjoyment while discovering and exploring new industries and business cultures.

After having experienced and lived languages and cultures, I came from London UK to settle in Canada in 2013. I held senior executive roles in Canadian organisations that developed technology to support optimisation of human capital management in Canada and LATAM including staffing, recruitment and performance.

Today, as a Canadian citizen, I find myself fully integrated with Canadian values, European critical thinking, Latin passion, Egyptian creativity, and a wealth of multicultural ways to surf life. I like to play outdoor soccer and tennis in summer and enjoy musicals and live performances year-round. My wife, 3 daughters and charcoal Bengal cat outclass me in diversity, with careers in education, astronomy, film production, political science and “snooping around” consecutively