Tor-Egil Ruud has over 17 years of experience in Recruitment, Executive Search, and Leadership Services from several national and international market-leading companies. He has completed a three-digit number of national and international assignments in executive searches and recruitments. Tor-Egil Ruud has developed management programs and assessment centres for large corporations, and has also been instrumental in the assessment of organisations and teams in mergers and acquisitions.


"My dedication to my work and our clients comes from a deep curiosity and motivation in understanding the concept of Leadership Excellence. When we as Trusted Advisors to clients assist in identifying the right Leader to operationalise the given strategy, it never stops there. I am at my best when I can advise the client selecting the best combination of Leaders in a team as well as contribute with Leadership Group Development in order to make the team work seamlessly towards an ambitious Business Plan. In my perspective this is me fulfilling our AIMS International vision: We FIND&GROW your leaders!
I am born and raised just outside the capital Norway, Oslo. I have studied both in Norway and abroad, and enjoy a Master of Science in Economics combined with History and German Language and Culture.Today I am living outside my favourite city, Oslo, with my wife and two kids. We are sharing interests in cross-country skiing, off-road cycling and running in the nearby forest."