13 Reverend Ogunbiyi Street Ikeja, GRA
100212 Lagos (Nigeria)

Theo Williams, a seasoned “greenfield operation” manager, stands at the forefront of the fastest growing trends in route to market within the Consumer/FMCG sector. He has spent the last 8 years preaching an industry shift that should move from own sales force operation to outsourcing and adopting a third-party sales partnership.

A calculated risk-taker with a deep sales and marketing industry knowledge that enjoys a challenge. Throughout his 14-year service in the industry, Theo has built a reputation for disruptive innovation strategies including new product development and business models of partnership in sales.

His RTM model has proved to be the most cost-effective, efficient and has been adopted by many operations in Nigeria.

Embracing the core values of innovation, integrity, growth, and respect, Theo has awarded the prestigious prize of the top 16 “Bulls” by the Nigeria Stock Exchange and the Business Day News Paper. Through team effort, they have been awarded the prizes of the fastest growing brand in Africa, most innovative brand “Big Cola”

Theo an ex-military officer holds a number of qualifications from Business Administration, Marketing and Sales and a registered International Business consultant.


Theo, an accomplished business executive, started his post scholastic career in the military, serving in many capacities from operational duty to being selected as an officer instructor at the military academy of Rhodesia. He started his professional life in 1981 in the Sales and Marketing department of a consumer electronics company, Sanyo, South Africa. Once he had completed his studies Theo, departed from South Africa to become a professional expatriate, serving in East Central and West Africa.

Theo has some 20 years’ working experience in Nigeria serving as commercial manager in the Consumer/FMCG sector and latterly as the country manager and then the Managing Director of an International Soft Drinks bottling company. He has been consulting to start-up companies and sales organisations for the last 2 years.

He has developed real expertise in “startup” within the Consumer/FMCG sector, a professional that fully understands the interdepartmental relationships is well versed in the sales and marketing functions especially route to market.