Stefka has almost six years of experience in the finance and banking field. She has worked in different roles – from Customer Service Specialist to Team Manager, focused on customer satisfaction, delivering promised objectives, and meeting company expectations. The foundation of her long-term success is to build strong and lasting relationships with customers, based on trust and integrity.

In recent years, her major responsibilities have been to support the team efforts and spirit, as well as train new employees, and support them in the continuous growth and training growth of their professional skills.

Stefka Bogoyska holds a Master’s Degree in Human Resources Development from Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski” and has successfully completed the emblematic high-impact presentation skills training.


I was born in a small sunny southern town in Bulgaria and grew up in a lovely family with high moral expectations and strong values. For me, the family is one of the most significant and valuable gifts of our life.

I define myself as a principled and adaptable person, who is ready to embark on new challenges with positivity and determination, in order to grow, develop and experience new and exciting possibilities. During this adventure, what I look forward to most is meeting new people and discovering diverse personalities. I enjoy nothing more than nurturing and empowering others, to supporting them in fulfilling their full potential. Believe that each of us hides different talents, which must be encouraged and constantly developed.

Beyond my professional inspirations, I love to paint, craft and create. Love to travel, discover new places, get to know different cultures, and spend time with my loved ones.