40 Al Falah Street, Mohandessin
12411 Cairo (Egypt)

Shahd is a talented headhunter. She has experience in executive search and recruitment; assisting Clients in Egypt, GCC and the whole MENA region. She worked on C-Level, managerial and senior non-managerial positions for different industries as IT, Banking and Finance, Real Estate, Automotive, and FMCG. She also had the opportunity to work on big nationalization projects with prestigious clients in GCC. After she had her law degree from Cairo University in Egypt, she moved to Dubai, where she had the exposure and experience of working in a melting pot that helped her to enhance not only her professional expertise, but also her personal skills.


I love movies, and I always find an inspiration in the good ones regardless of their genre. I believe that thanks to a movie I got my first job. I was a fresh grad and eager to start a career in HR. One of the jobs I applied for was recruiter, and happily I got an interview. I was prepared with all the right answers for why I am pursuing the HR field. When the interviewer explained more about the Job of associate headhunter and executive search, all I knew about headhunting at that time was from an American movie I watched the night before. I was honest and I explained why I am interested in the job; by my little review on the role of the lead character; who was a headhunter, and how it seemed and sounded so interesting. I didn't believe that I got that job. According to my previous manager; she could see my talent and that I had the right personality for the role. Since then and I consider myself lucky that I am having a career which is more  of a passion than a job.